Done, but not dusted?

Hello, Australia!

Hello, Australia!

Well, not only am I back in Australia now, but I have been for two whole weeks, and I don’t even have any flights booked at any stage in the future!  After two years of always having at least one flight booked on the immediate horizon, this is quite the change.

It’s a good change, though.  I still love travel, but loving something doesn’t mean it has to be the constant focus of your every waking moment.  (“Dear teenager, Congratulations on your new boyfriend/girlfriend.  I’m sure he/she is wonderful.  However, before we start endlessly re-watching American Beauty for dating advice …”)

So it’s time to settle down again, and let my enjoyment of globe-trotting take its place as something to look forward to for some well-earned holidays – once they’re well-earned, obviously – not something to dominate my every day.

As I write this, I’m sitting on in my parents’ place, looking out over a truly South Australian landscape of sunny yellow grassy valleys near Victor Harbor.  I have my CV open in another window – the job hunt has started already.  (If you’re here because you found my name at the top of a CV in your inbox and Google brought you this way – hi, and welcome!  You won’t find any IT-related posts here, I’m afraid, but the ones about the Galápagos Islands and the Himalayas are some of my favourites, if those sorts of things pique your interest at all.)  I’m starting the morning with a nice cup of tea, appreciating for the fifteenth morning in a row how nice it is to have a kettle and a stocked pantry and a dishwasher I can put my cup in afterwards.  And, since Australia won the cricket already yesterday, I’m wondering what else I need to do with the day.  Getting used to the fact that I don’t have TripAdvisor or a Lonely Planet or yet another collection of new dorm friends to give me suggestions…

For regular readers still wondering about the rest of my trip, post South America, don’t worry – it’s still coming.  Job-hunting and apartment-finding, etc., obviously have my focus right now.  But memories of Rio, of the US, and of Central America are still fresh, and itchy fingers still have stories to tell.  All in good time.

Now, where’s that coffee machine?  Ah, still in the same spot it’s been the whole last two weeks.  Excellent!