Hi, my name is Sam, and I’ll be your host for the next however long your attention span lasts.

I’m a homeless, jobless, travelling Australian 30-year-old guy currently embarking on a one-year, five-continent round the world trip.

This blog is a place for me to collect stories from my travels — primarily for me, but I suppose incidentally also for any of you out there in the ether who might be interested in tagging along for the ride.  (That being the case, I make no promises about post content, frequency, interestingness, entertainingness, and use of words which actually exist in the English language.)

For the three people out there who have stumbled on this blog without already knowing me in person, and who have been kind enough not to run for the back button yet, some background…

I’m from Adelaide, South Australia, but most recently lived in London.  I’m a computer programmer, or at least I was when I last had a job.  I quit that job in October 2011, for a small variety of largely uninteresting reasons.  I’m single, I don’t have a visa to work in the UK any more, and I don’t have a house / mortgage / other supposedly-lifestyle-supporting-and-yet-often-strangely-lifestyle-inhibiting financial obligation.

So I’m flying around the world.  Seems like the only sensible option, really.

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